• FET Consultants, 100 MW ,Telengana
  • Solluz Energy, 20 MW Project-UP
  • Krishna Vyjayanti Solar Project,18 MW,Karnataka
  • Smart Brains-Punjab University, 6MW,Punjab.
  • SUNNPRAPD Solar Project, 5 MW,AP
  • Netaji Apparel park, 3.4 MW, Tiruppur,TN
  • KSD-Zonne Solar Project, 4 MW,Tiruppur
  • SSPVL Solar Project, 3MW,Kolar-KN
  • Astalakshmi Solar Project,2 MW,AP.
  • Solluz Energy-4 MW Project-Punjab
  • 1X1.5 MW Project for M/s Kalanikethan Group in Prakasam -Dt (AP)
  • Smart Brains, 0.5 MW Project at KN.

  • Solar Parks :

  • 1x25 MW Solar Park under group Captive Scheme in Khammam –Dt, Telengana
  • 1x50 MW Solar Project in Anantapur –Dt-Andhra Pradesh in Cooperation with M/s Solarcare, Tamilnadu.

  • CFL to LED Conversion :

  • Energy Efficient CFL to LED conversion projects with PDS Hightech, Nagpur